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These Innovative “Solar Tiles” Cheaper, More Efficient Than Solar Panels!

It has noticed early enough the Swedish company SolTech energy and an incomparable power system developed out of glass bricks. This smart innovation is suitable for all types of buildings. Instead of concrete or conventional ceramic tile used here high-quality, robust glass that as possible in letting as much daylight.

image/text credit: soltechenergy

The SolTech solution from the swedish energy company implements glass tiles on top of highly efficient, mono crystalline solar panels to generate electricity.

image/text credit: soltechenergy

The tiles, which are made from ordinary glass, weigh about the same as the clay roof tiles they replace but allow the sun to heat air that is then used to heat the house and cut energy bills.

image/text credit: soltechenergy

Solar tiles achieve the same stylish aesthetic look as in roof systems but are more suited to new build properties, a re-roofing project or a new extension to the property. However, it is possible to install them on an older property but this may incur extra costs.

image/text credit: soltechenergy

The reason for this is that the solar tile forms part of the roof covering rather than being fitted to an existing roof structure. A regular in roof system works bychannelling the water behind the panel which differs from solar tiles which allow the water to run over the module.


The SolTech Energy System generates about 350 kWh heat per square meter (10 square ft), depending on climate, angle of the roof and cardinal direction.

Protected from damage and theft, the strategic installation harnesses power from the sun, and captures the accumulated charge with the buildings existing heating system, usually through a storage tank. as a result, the system can provide hot water and heating for the majority of the year.