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These Two Guys Build An Extremely Powerful Underwater Jetpack

This video goes out to everyone who understands the pain of being poor swimmers… the public shaming at the beach, the JV coach facepalming while you founder in the shallow end, the catcalls of “OH LOOK IT’S THE SUBMARINE. YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE HE SPENDS MORE TIME UNDERWATER THAN ABOVE IT.” Oh how their words hurt.

image/text credit: Eclectical Engineering

But alas! Where there’s a problem, engineering can provide the approximation of a solution. Can’t swim very well? Strap a very heavy assortment of electronics to yourself in the hopes that you won’t be (i) electrocuted or (ii) dragged straight down to the bottom.

And here at Eclectical Engineering we have an abundance of hope and a healthy disregard for grievous injury. So join us while we explore the profound joys of affixing massively overpowered motors to our limbs! Will it work? Will we survive?


Well we probably wouldn’t be writing this vid description if one of us died… so yeah, it probably worked.They were inspired by “Ironman,” so they decided to bild engine-mounted propellers they could wear on their arms so that they wouldn’t have to swim anymore.