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They Placed GPS Tracking Devices On House Cats – Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered where your cats go when they are out of the house? I have one kitty that never strays far from the house and another that loves to go hunting in the fields.A study that placed GPS tracking devices on various house cat has turned up some interesting findings.

While most cats stay in the vicinity of their homes, others travel much farther away, much to the surprise of their owners.Meanwhile, some of us are simply curious to know if our cats are cheating on us with other cat-loving households.

One feral male had a home range of more than 1,300 acres (520 hectares), almost double the size of New York’s Central Park. It wandered through a combination of urban and rural sites that exposed it to a variety of dangers, from busy streets and parking lots to coyotes and foxes.


The Cat Tracker team—a partnership between Your Wild Life and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in collaboration with Movebank, an online database that houses animal-movement data—has posted movement maps for about 50 cats.The data may help scientists figure out what impact cats are having on their environments.