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This 12-Year-Old Ventriloquist “Darci Lynne” Might Be The Most Talented Contestant Ever On AGT?



Darci Lynne may only be 12-years-old but she is taking the world by storm with her incredible Ventriloquist act on America’s Got Talent. Time and time again, Darci brings the America’s Got Talent crowd to their feet and blows the minds of the judges and viewers at home.Is she the most talented act to ever grace the America’s Got Talent stage? What do you think?

image credti: America’s Got Talent 

Darci introduces a new puppet named Edna and sings a diva classic to judge Simon Cowell.Darci amazingly managed to give Edna and accent and a slightly raspy voice, contrasting with her own tone,who had crush on Simon Cowell. “Don’t worry, Darci, Simon knows mouth-to-mouth,” said Edna about whether the youthful Cowell would give her a heart attack.

Not only is Darci an incredible ventriloquist, her singing voice is beyond amazing! This talented young lady can sing better with her mouth closed than most of the world’s population can with their mouth’s open!After a bit of banter, Edna explained she was just trying to tell Simon how he makes her feel, at which point Darci suggested the puppet should sing him a song.


There is no doubt that after her most recent performance in the America’s Got Talent semi finals that she is heading straight for the winner’s circle.Farmer had the crowd on their feet long before she Edna finished the song. Cowell himself called the performance “brilliant.”