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This $400,000 F-35 Gen III Helmet Can Let Pilot See Through Plane

The government is to set out details of its five-year defence strategy on Monday. Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday, Chancellor George Osborne confirmed that by 2023, the UK would have 24 F35 jets operating from its aircraft carriers.

image credit: rockwellcollins

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said those would be the first of a total order of 138 F35s – an expensive weapon, the helmets alone for which cost over £263,000 ($400,000).The HMDS is the world’s most advanced biocular helmet-mounted display system.

The F-35 aircraft streams imagery from cameras mounted around the aircraft to the helmet, allowing pilots to see through the airframe.Its integrated head-up display provides pilots with all the critical information they need on the helmet’s visor.


The next-generation user interface serves as the pilot’s primary display system, and virtual capabilities enable them to see through the bottom of the fuselage or directly at a target. With an uninterrupted display of flight information and sensor data, the pilot experiences extreme spatial orientation, superior weapons targeting, and tactical superiority–both day and night.