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This Baby Can’t Tell Which Twin Is His Mom, & We’re Not Entirely Sure Either

This baby boy just wanted to be held and comforted by Mom, but he couldn’t figure out which twin sister was his real mother. As a result, he keeps asking to be passed back and forth over and over again.

image credit: USA TODAY 

His mom was standing with her twin sister, and even the child himself couldn’t tell which woman was his actual mother.He went back and forth for awhile, looking for the comfort of his mama but unable to make up his mind on who exactly mom was.

Watch the video below to see the funny moment, and see if you can guess which twin is the mom — I certainly can’t quite tell…



Luckily, both women good-naturedly passed him back and forth and comforted him as well as they could.For now, it’s probably easier for this infant to assume his mom — an all-powerful being, as all moms are — is simply in two places at once.