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This “Bearcat'” Smells Like Popcorn

Meet the binturong, aka “bearcat.” With a face like a cat, a body like a bear, and a tail like a monkey, these reclusive creatures are pretty strange looking, and the strangeness doesn’t end with their appearance.

They also have a distinctive yet familiar smell. It’s not movie time.Despite being called ‘bearcat’ this carnivorous mammal is neither closely related to bears nor cats, but to the palm civets of Asia. It is a monotypic genus.

Binturongs are active during the day and at night.s binturongs are not very nimble, they may have to descend to the ground relatively frequently when moving between trees.


Major threats to the binturong are habitat loss and degradation of forests through logging and conversion of forests to non-forest land-uses throughout the binturong’s range.