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This C2 Corvette Stingray Is A Sacred Monster

American performance vehicles of the 1960s were not designed with Europe’s tight cities and twisty back roads in mind, and man, do they ever look cool there.The original Corvette Sting Ray might be the rolling symbol for the American Dream, yet it still looks good cruising around in a middle of Belgium, of all places. Such is the appeal of the C2.

image credit: Petrolicious 

Petrolicious profiles this Vette’s owner, Mathieu Houtreille, the Belgian who bought the vehicle after falling in love with the similar example at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas.

image credit: Petrolicious 

It is the 1965 Sting Ray, painted in Ermine white and equipped with the small-block, 350-ci V8. It looks and sounds the part.

image credit: Petrolicious 

Mathieu Houtreille became enamored with the American culture when touring the country, and he wanted the piece of it to bring back home.It is hard to think of the better souvenir, than the best Corvette ever made, arguably, one of the best American cars of all time.


After seeing a flawlessly restored C2 in the flesh at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, Mat’s desire for his own Stingray only continued moving from want to need, and he was lucky enough to find an ad a few months later for an Ermine White 1965 model—his preferred color.

With a friend accompanying him to see the car, they arrived to the seller’s town. “It smelled of dreams,” Mat says smiling, “It smelled so good.” The seller turned out to be an avid car collector with a multi-story garage full of classic goodies. “The door opened, and I saw cars everywhere.”