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The Ferrari 328 Conciso Concept That Looks Exactly Like a Smiling Shoe

Back in 1993, a little-known design shop in Germany decided to build arguably one of the weirdest Ferraris in existence. The 328 “Conciso” is a re-bodied 1989 328 GTS with no roof and no doors, aimed at the hardcore track driver looking for a (very) unique style. Only one example exists, and now, it can be yours.via(yahoo)

source/image: TheCaraf

The 328 Conciso, designed and built by Bernd Michalak Design Studio, was first shown at the 1993 Frankfurt Auto Show. It features a sloped nose, black front fenders with integrated headlights, an impossibly low-cut windshield and a minimalist interior with storage space for two helmets.

source/image: TheCaraf

The car was inspired by the design studio’s philosophy that a sports car should be “athletic, not an extra ounce.”The Concisco retains the mid-mounted 270-horsepower V8 and gated five-speed manual transmission of its 328 GTS underpinnings.


But weighs about 30 percent less thanks to so much less bodywork. Despite it being a one-off concept car, the Conciso seems like it was once a functional track car, as you can see from this in-period development photo from the Hockenheimring.

Since Bonhams doesn’t give a price estimate, there’s no telling how much this Ferrari one-off will sell for. But considering its rarity and interesting styling, we have a feeling it won’t be cheap.