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This Girl Is Addicted To Be A Piece Of Furniture!!

This my strange addiction story is one that has shocked the world and left us in a feeling of sadness.Olympia is a 17 year old drag queen with a serious addiction to pretending to be various pieces of furniture.

We take a closer look at her struggle and how it affects her relationship with her partner Nova.Olympia explains that the addiction started when she was a child, after her Aunt Rosemary mistook her for a chaise lounge and sat on her.

Olympia’s partner Nova explains her main worry – that Olympia has no idea Nova knows about this whole furniture ideal. She is worried for Olympia’s safety and just a few months ago, her transformation into a washing machine caused massive damage to her health.


The definition of “addiction,” and what people can become “addicted” to, are hotly contested issues.Experts debate whether addiction is a “disease” or a true mental illness, and many other aspects of addiction. Such debates are not likely to be resolved soon.