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This Is The Biggest Snail You’ve Ever Seen – The “Archachatina Marginata Ovum”

Archachatina marginata is the largest of the Archachatina snails and is found in West Africa.It appears to be a mainly terrestrial snail. In Cameroon it can be found aestivating under ground during the drier months, having a closed aperture, sealed with a solid, calcareous, white epiphragm.via(petsnails)

image credit: InsecthausTV

It is to be noted that when a crawling snail is disturbed it produces a peculiar screaming noise, caused by the expulsion of air as the shell is rapidly retracting by the powerful columella muscle.

The snail has a bulbous protoconch that is large and broad, with a white or bluish-white columella, parietal wall and outer lip. The shell of the snail can grow up to 21 centimeters in height, and 13 centimeters in diameter. The shell, when magnified, has the appearance of a woven texture.



This species occurs in Western Africa: Cameroon through Democratic Republic of the Congo, and can be found in the Caribbean, in Martinique.How the species reached Martinique is unknown, but it is possible they were intentionally introduced as “pets” or by workers returning from West Africa.