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This Is What A Boeing 727 Passenger Plane Looks Like When It Crashes

A team of scientists staged an airplane crash near Mexicali, Mexico.An unmanned Boeing 727-200, fitted with numerous cameras, crash-test dummies and other scientific instruments, was flown into the ground.

image credit: Channel 4

The exercise was filmed for television.Knowing what really happens to a passenger when a large carrier crashes is what is at stake in the documentary on aircraft safety broadcast by Channel 4 on Thursday. Inside, 170 mannequins equipped with sensors receive the shock.

image credit: Channel 4

The pilots and engineers took off the plane and then jumped in parachute as it approached the point of impact. This crash allowed thousands of tests, such as the place where the passenger is most secure. During the crash, we see in particular some seats expelled from the cabin.


The conclusion of the test was that, in a case like this, passengers at the front of an aircraft would be the ones most at risk in a crash; passengers seated closer to the airplane’s wings would have suffered serious but survivable injuries such as broken ankles.,and the test dummies near the tail section were largely intact, so any passengers there would have likely walked away without serious injury.

However, in other crashes, such as when the tail hits the ground first, the reverse might apply. The investigation also concludes that it is better not to hold a child in his lap as it is humanly impossible to hold him. A team of international scientists, experts and elite pilots have worked on this project.