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This Is What Happens When a Soft Drink & Stomach Acid Mix! You’ll Never Drink Soda Again


A video posted by the YouTube channel MoltenScience went viral after depicting what supposedly happens in your stomach when you drink Coke. After pouring the soda into a clear substance, the mixture bubbled, smoked, and turned into a foamy, tar-looking substance.

image/text credit: Molten Science

The narrator can be heard saying “the glass is very hot,” and that it looks “kind of like pudding.”The sugar content in each serving is astronomical, and the acidity can strip metal coke is often used to de-grease car engines.

If you’re a big fan of coke and still need some convincing to quit your bad habit, check out this experiment. The solution puffs up and turns into an ugly black and brown mass, extruding from the top of the glass, while steam comes off.


While the newly formed substance initially moves easily, within minutes it begins to harden and smoke starts to rise from the foam.Not only does the substance toughen up, but it also increases in temperature, with the scientist touching the glass and remarking about its warmth.(dailymail).