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This Is What The Largest Air-Raid Siren In The World Looks Like & Sounds Like

The biggest is carried on a large trailer and the size is comparable to the bulldozers. Here is LionKing Defender Siren, a mobile siren for the defense. This peculiar device is the work of Asian designers. The Taizhou Lion King Signal Company has produced the largest air horn in the world and it is crazy massive!

image credit: Elsa Chen

The Lion King Defender horn is so big that it even has it’s own set of wheels.Elsa Chen recently captured the sound of the siren and uploaded to good ‘ol Youtube.It mostly used for air defence system and also use for emergency warning and natual disater warning in wide area.

The loudest of this defender sirens is unmatched by any oher warning device ever sold.This is one horn that I would never want to hear…unless it was for testing purposes of course!


By placing the siren on the trailer you can transport it wherever the army goes.In addition, the entire turret can be rotated by emitting a signal in each direction. We do not know the technical details of this equipment, but a brief demonstration of its capabilities makes an impression.