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This Is World’s Heaviest Weight – 1,000,000 Pounds Of Force!

How do you measure big forces accurately? By calibrating your force transducer on the world’s biggest weight – 1,000,000 pounds of force.This machine ensures planes don’t break apart, jets provide required thrust, and rockets make it to their destination.

image credit: Veritasium 

This machine is capable of 4,448,222 Newtons which is the equivalent of 1 MILLION pounds of force…By the way, to all you physicists and field scientists out there I wholeheartedly apologize for butchering weight/force/thrust, it has been at least 15 years since I last took a Physics course.

In order to measure that force accurately, the force of the Saturn V rocket, you need insanely heavy weights like this one above. If you’ve already fallen asleep while reading this then chances are you’re not much of a textbook learner and prefer visual learning.


 So I’ll just let you bros watch the video instead of regurgitating everything said by the Veritasium crew.Thanks to the people at NIST for showing me around: Rick Seifarth and Ben Stein. Animations here are by Sean Kelley and additional footage by Jennifer Lauren Lee.