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This Lake Is Home To A Strange “Floating Eye” Island That Moves,In Argentina

Located near the northeastern edge of Argentina, in the swampy marshes of Parana Delta, is an enigmatic floating island that allegedly rotates on its own axis. Nicknamed “The Eye”, the nearly perfect circular island has become the subject of an upcoming documentary that will try to unravel the mystery of its existence.

image credit: science channel

The Eye was discovered six months ago by Argentine film director & producer Sergio Neuspillerm, who was looking for filming locations for a film about paranormal occurrences, like ghost and alien sightings, in the area.(odditycentral)

imaget credit: science channel

The Eye has apparently been visible on Google Maps – at coordinates 34°15’07.8’S 58°49’47.4″W – for the last decade, but until the Elojo project went public, no one ever paid it any mind. Now, the internet is buzzing with theories about its existence.


Most are associating it with UFO activity and go as far as to claim that the rotating island is concealing an alien base, while the locals believe that its circle-within-a-circle shape represents the presence of God on Earth.

Pablo Suarez from Boston University who does dynamic systems modeling, said that he had not run across anything like it. To him it does not appear to be a crater or to have been caused by any typical natural phenomenon.Gustavo Sznaider, who works at a company specializing in satellite surveillance, stated he had never seen anything like it before either, in spite of the years of experience he’s had analyzing imagery of the Earth.