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This Light Bulb Has Been Shining For A Whopping 116 Years At Fire Station

A California fire department claims a light bulb in their station has burned for 116 years. The assertion comes after a Pittsburgh couple said an alarm clock had been stuck in their wall for 13 years, and a Pennsylvania woman said she had a light bulb that functioned for 37 years.

image/text credit: Inside Edition 

Tom Bramell, a retired deputy fire chief, is in charge of looking after the bulb. “It’s been burning continuously since 1901,” he told Inside Edition. “You’re not allowed to touch it. We don’t even dust it off.”

While the light bulb has been called remarkable, there is nothing remarkable about the design of it. While researchers are not sure about the exact design of the bulb, due to the fact that checking it over is impossible while the bulb is still in use.


It is thought that it is not that different from any of the other bulbs that had been made by the Shelby Electric Company when it was made.This might be due to the fact that this light bulb was made at a time when the lifespan of light bulbs was not artificially set by lighting companies, which happened in the 1920s.