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This Man Attaches Jet Engines To His Ankles To Power Wingsuit

Jarno Cordia has essentially made himself a prototype Iron Man thruster set, with jet engines strapped to his back and legs to help him glide through the air with maximum efficiency.The only downside to this jetpack wing suit is that it required a hot air balloon to get Cordia to a high enough vantage point (in this case, around 5000 feet) before he could actually use it.

image credit: Jarno Cordia

This is the classic Buzz Lightyear form of “flying” – falling with style, made all the more majestic by the fact that Jarno has some degree of control over his movement in his initial descent before pulling his parachute cord and coasting the rest of the way down.

It’s always been a dream taking my wingsuit flying a step further, by adding jet engines.Last week that dream finally became a reality, when I jumped from a hot air balloon with 80 kg thrust strapped to my legs with two Iron Man style Jet Boots.


The jump was made from an altitude of 5000ft, with the engines blasting at full power 5 seconds after exit.Over the next 2:45 minutes I flew my wingsuit completely without loss of altitude, cruising several kilometer through the Dutch skies and even gaining altitude for a good 60 seconds before deploying my parachute.