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This Man Converted a Semi-Truck Into A Motorcycle/Trike

A 1959 school bus he rescued from a neighbor’s field, shortened by 28 inches and revitalized with a custom interior. A custom motorcycle that’s propelled by a full-size truck tire. But Walt Moss Trucking, Inc’s most famous creation may be the semi-truck he converted into a motorcycle/trike. Words can’t do it justice – you have to see it for yourself.

image credit: hayesj417

This odd looking vehicle grabs everyone`s attention hence its size is huge, long and narrow. It has a 1000 HP and the hood 11ft long from the windshield to the grill. What follows next is absolutely amazing, this car enthusiast put together a bike with a truck tire on the back.

As a young man, Walt had gotten into trucking. He purchased a dump truck when he was 22 years old, and made modifications to it as he went along. “Of course, it was an older truck, so I was trying to make it better whenever it broke,” he said.


That motivation – to make something better every time it was worked on – carried on to how Walt built both the Kenworth and the Peterbilt. “Lengthening frames, shortening frames, moving suspension around, this engine to that truck – it was like working on a hot rod car, only with bigger parts,” he commented.

As the creator of several unique builds (including motorcycles), Walt has the distinct pride of having always gone his own way with his projects.