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This Man Has Built An Off-Grid Home For $5,500 And He Is Living There For About a Year Now


Kris Harbour spent two years building an off-grid home in the woods somewhere in the UK and has lived in it for about a year now. It cost him just $5587 USD to build.The house has all the plumbing, electricity and solid fixtures, including the kitchen and bathroom, with a loft bed above.

image/text credit: Kris Harbour

The beauty of the tiny house movement is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone who wants to go tiny.With the right resources someone can be connected to the grid if they want to. Otherwise, the smaller the house the less energy it needs to run efficiently, so off-grid systems are an easy match.

I want to experiment with lots of natural building techniques and ways of creating Green power. our ultimate goal is to live self sufficient. we are building our roundhouse in order to move on to the land.


But we have big plans for the future.This will include:

  • building a two story earth-bag workshop dug in to the hillside,
  • Building a timber framed two story house that will be fit to last a lifetime, also dug in to the hillside.
  • installing hydro electric systems of our own design.
  • keeping animals
  • growing vegetables
  • helping the local economy by offering courses in natural building.
VIAKris Harbour
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