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This Man Rescues a Timber Wolf Caught In a Hunting Trap

This Wisconsin trapper might be a bit braver than the average outdoorsman. This November, John Oens had his coyote trap lines out, but instead, a mistaken wolf wandered inside of it.Watch him expertly release a wolf completely unharmed.Wolves are currently protected in the state of Wisconsin, so the trapper had to carefully release the wolf.

image credit: petenrock

Using plywood to separate himself and the wolf is pretty genius. It appears to be a technique that simply works.Just in case of a possible attack, bystanders have their guns ready.

This is not a job for the faint hearted, or inexperienced. Only seasoned professionals can do this! It’s very tense, and dangerous. In any case, in the event that you commit that error with this beautiful but dangerous animal you will likely end up in the hospital emergency room.


Watch John and group set this wild timber wolf free utilizing a piece of wooden barrier for security. He is even wearing a GoPro just to show it better.There is no further cause for concern, as the wolf hastily retreats, back into the woods.