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This Man Turns a Lawnmower Into A Giant Blender & Tests It In Slow Motion

This is a video of Youtuber Giaco Whatever turning a lawnmower into a giant blender, then using that giant blender to destroy a bunch of ping-pong balls and Coke cans.Aall shot in ultra slow motion (but also shown at regular speed so you can appreciate its blendiness).via(geekologie).

image/text credit: Giaco Whatever 

When reached for comment about the video, I could hear that ‘Will It Blend?’ guy’s boner through the phone.Experiment Make Making the Mega Blender and Tested in Slow Motion.

I don’t need my lawn mower anymore as I don’t have a lawn.I could have sold it for a couple hundred dollars but then I had the idea of making a mega blender… Of course, I made the mega blender!!!


That’s easy, you strip it down and use its spinning blade to build an over-sized blender that can slice and dice much more than just chunks of ice.In addition to processing decidedly non-food objects with ease, we bet this monstrous blender could whip up a bathtub full of margaritas faster than you can say.