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This Mercedes-Benz 190SL Is Displaced In Time

Back in the 1950s, the Mercedes-Benz 190SL was offered with a lightweight “Rennsport” package that transformed the car from a laid-back cruiser into a legitimate race car. Rennsport cars were built in exceedingly limited numbers, so finding one anywhere is a real chore.

image credit: Petrolicious 

This 190SL owner took matters into his own hands, converting his car to Rennsport spec and making it arguably better-looking than the real thing.

image credit: Petrolicious 

In addition to the low-cut windshield, lowered doors, and missing soft-top roof, this SL has been painted a tasteful shade of dark grey, with a sort of green accent.The color is incredibly tasteful, and those yellow headlight covers and added driving lights don’t hurt either.


On the joys of using a car like this often, Michael remarks that it’s like being in “a cosplay time machine as a 1950s racing driver.” If a car can elicit those kinds of wondrous child’s-imagination-come-true feelings and turn that into a regular reality.

Michael Potiker, the owner, says a set of Weber carburetors mounted to the SL’s inline-four make the throttle an “on-off switch,” giving an instant response and great sound that’s expected of a cafe-racer from this era.Watch for yourself as Petrolicious explores Potiker’s SL as he drives it through Los Angeles in style.