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This Might Be The World’s BUMPIEST Railroad Track Ever!

As we all know, the railway is probably the cheapest, and according to many, the safest way to travel. Though many new ways of travelling have emerged, it looks as if nothing can beat the good old railway. Transporting heavy loads is an easy task for it.

Yes, it can be slow but it does its job. But what happens when a massive heavy train meets, probably, the world`s bumpiest railroad track? You get the answer in the following 7-minute-long video. The Maumee and Western Railroad, also known as the MAW, has a section which looks utterly horrible. So how can a train move here?

PREX 1603 leading PREX 3054 blasts down the former Wabash Railroad’s 5th District! Lol actually I condensed 6 minutes of the train crawling down the track! This is only the third time I’ve gotten a pair on one of their trains so I was pleased to see them.


The line was most recently the Maumee and Western Railroad (MAW) before being purchased by Pioneer RailCorp. Maintenance was deferred for decades on this stretch of track. Pioneer has done a great job rehabbing the worst parts but some pockets like this still exist.