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This “Mobile Food Market” Bus Brings Fresh Produce to Low-Income Neighborhoods

Urban areas can be a difficult place to live for someone who wants to maintain a fresh and healthy diet.The main reason for this is the cost. Fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive because the produce has to be shipped and you end up paying for the delivery cost more than for the quality of the product itself.

image/text credit: foodshare

Mobile Good Food Markets are travelling community food markets filled with fresh, quality vegetables and fruits. Our truck is a different kind of food truck, one that dishes up pounds of okra and bunches of broccoli at cheaper than normal prices. You won’t find an ice cream van’s jingle here, just good food.

image/text credit: foodshare

Thanks to a collaboration between FoodShare Toronto, the City of Toronto, and United Way Toronto, an old bus has been converted into a mobile food market.

image/text credit: foodshare

Mobile Good Food Markets address the need for fresh, quality produce in food deserts, neighbourhoods where a grocery store is nowhere in sight or too expensive for residents. In our current model of development, some neighbourhoods don’t receive adequate transit service or people don’t own cars and the local grocery store is just too expensive or far away.


Mobile markets offer a low cost place to buy quality produce while meeting neighbours close to home.Unfortunately though, the price isn’t that much lower than normal, because they have to take care of the costs involved by the bus.

This is such an awesome idea and a great way of getting fresh, local fruit and vegetables into the urban areas, where sourcing such things is getting more and more difficult as time goes on. Hopefully this will inspire others to do something similar.