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This Solar-Powered Motorhome Is completely Covered In Solar Panels

Dethleffs is presenting the first fully electric-powered passenger car at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf with the Dethleffs E.Home. Still the electric campers is only a study.On the outside the DethleffsClick here for the matching products on Amazon.de! E.Home looks like in a normal travel car – big, white, cast.

source/image: Dethleffs

The full solar cells on the exterior walls and the roof, however, already indicate that the E.Home is somehow different. Not only is the drive , which is purely electric, but also all on-board consumers rely exclusively on electricity.

source/image: Dethleffs

Developed by Dethleffs, the E.Home is based on an Iveco DailyClick here for the matching products on Amazon.de! Electric chassis with a liquid-cooled electric motor with an output of 80 kW (109 hp) , which can accelerate the 5.6 tonne shears from E.Homa up to 80 km / h.

source/image: Dethleffs

The electrical energy is stored in three sodium nickel-chloride batteries with a capacity of 3 x 76 Ah at 400 V. These fully recyclable batteries can be charged up to 1,500 times, which corresponds to a running distance of approx. 250,000 km. A special feature are the built-in “Supercaps”.


These high-performance capacitors can absorb and discharge electrical energy more quickly than batteries, thus increasing performanceof the vehicle and the life of the batteries. The range with a battery filling is indicated with 200 kilometers. Can be recharged at a conventional outlet in 24 hours.

Other electrically-powered innovations include an electrical window obscuration, a special foil technology, which can be used as a mirror when switched off and switches on a bright, flat light, as well as a completely networked control, which can be operated via a tablet via an app.