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This Treasure Trove of Ice Age Fossils Came From One Texas Cave

A cave in central Texas is home to more than 10,000 prehistoric fossilsPresent-day entrance to the cave is gained by descending a ladder some 45 feet below the surrounding land surface.

image credit: Science Channel

The original cave opening has long since been closed due to collapsed limestone blocks and rock debris that washed in from the surface. At sometime later the new vertical shaft (sinkhole) opening was formed, once again providing a natural, but straight vertical decent into the cave.

image credit: Science Channel

Through this passage various animals made their way into the cave and alluvial fill washed into the interior. A pond of water occupied the lower part of the cave when the angular, original entrance was still open. The cave provided a natural and convenient home to various animals.


Excavations in the cave fill have yielded an exceptional number of bones and teeth of more than 30 genera of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

One of the most important finds was a nearly complete set of remains of an adult Homotherium serum (saber-toothed cat). It also provided a burial ground for bones in the cavern when heavy rainfall periodically washed soil and rock debris into the cave.