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This Woman Turns IKEA Lamp Into A Death Star

We’ve all gone to IKEA to fill a void in our place with some basic looking furniture. Most of the time it just barely does the job, and you rarely get your money’s worth before it ends up breaking or malfunctioning.But this lady decided to gave her newly purchased lamp the Star Wars upgrade.


The tutorial is made by a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek Lylelo, who “always saw the IKEA PS 2014 lamp and thought ‘it looks so much like a Death Star!’”


She seized the opportunity for the DIY project when she was moving with her boyfriend to a new place, and converted one of those plain white lamps into the exploding Death Star floating over their bed.


If you want to have it perfect – cover the copper insides BEFORE you spraypaint the outsides. The mist of the spray dulled the sheen a tiny bit – it doesn’t bother us, but if you want it super shiny – cover it up.

Or don’t use spray paint and brush the light grey instead. In my case it was a matter of time and not wanting to paint them all by hand.