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Three-Wheeled Concept Dynamic Cargo Bike Inspired By BMW


The brand new Concept Dynamic Cargo is the cargo bike for everyone. Developed in a unique collaboration between CUBE and BMW, it’s the result of a determined effort to reduce emissions and create a more bike-friendly world for everyone.

source/image(PrtSc): CUBE Bikes

With Bavaria’s two design powerhouses working together, the result is a completely new concept in environmentally-friendly mobility. We’ve created an ultra-compact, agile and safe bike that can be used and enjoyed by absolutely anyone.

Electric assist makes light work of any trip, while the compact design is easy to manoeuvre. An innovative tilt mechanism keeps your cargo stable and secure whilst maintaining the natural feel of a conventional bike.


And flexible cargo carrying options mean it’s easy to carry whatever you need – your shopping, goods for delivery, or even your children. You’ll wonder how you managed without it./CUBE Bikes

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