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Thunderbike Unbreakable Custom Motorcycle Art


Handmade custombike we built around Harley-Davidson CVO engine & transmission. All parts were prototypes at this concept and have been put into a small series for Harley-Davidson customizing now.

source/image(PrtSc): Thunderbike

The bike was built by Thunderbike Customs, a shop located in a small town Hamminkeln near Essen, Germany. Thunderbike uses original Harley Davidson parts for the complete drive components and electronics, but all other parts are produced in-house.

The self-constructed, milled parts are a particular Thunderbike specialty: fork bridges, turn signals, wheels, radiator grills, stops, hand grips, gas caps and seats are all milled in the company’s workshop, sometimes with highly stylish ornamentation.


Other than the super cool design, the Thunderbike Unbreakable comes with a dual 340mm rotors 26″ front wheel, a 260mm Buel rotor rear wheel, is powered by a 110cui 100 HP Screamin’ Eagle EFI H-D engine mated to a 6-speed H-D transmission and a NH-power clutch./throttlextreme