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Time Capsule” Letters From 18th Century Found In Jesus’s Statue

Great finding of a time capsule that we found when intervening in the Christ of Miserere that needed restoration.The scroll contained economic, religious, political information and cultural of the time.The statue had been removed from the church of Santa Águeda in Sotillo de la Ribera for restoration.

image/text credit: davincirestauro

And it was conservators at the restoration company who found a hidden document when they took out a removable piece of the wooden statue – the cloth that covers the buttocks.And it seems to be an actual “time capsule” – intended to remain hidden for hundreds of years, and a very peculiar and interesting find.

Dated 1777, the notes were written by chaplin Joaquín Mínguez from the Burgo de Osma cathedral. In his letters, Mínguez paints a picture of the region’s day-to-day economic and cultural activity. The chaplain first notes that the statue was created by a man named Manuel Bal, who created other wooden statues for churches in the region.


He then describes the successful harvests of various grains like wheat, rye, oats, and barley and stores of wine.Mínguez also names diseases like malaria and typhoid fever plaguing the village during this time period, but adds that cards and balls were used for entertainment.