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Tiny House On Wheels With Amazing Rooftop Balcony Tour


Situated amongst the vast beauty of the Mojave Desert, the Peacock tiny house looks right at home. Built by Rob Millar, the house is filled with unique design features including an impressive roof-top balcony!

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

The balcony area is accessible via impressively designed stairs which hand from the back of the trailer. These enable easy access to the rooftop vistas without taking up any internal space inside the home. They also add a very unique visual aspect to the tiny house.

The climb to the rooftop is well rewarded as panoramic views of the majestic desert landscape expand before your eyes in 360 degrees. The balcony truly allows the home to capitalise on it’s unique and beautiful location.Inside, the home is styled with a certain south-western flare, including many hand-crafted items from Mexico.


The home has a relatively classic tiny house layout, yet still manages to pack in a lot of it’s own character. A table and chairs sits by a large window and again offers stunning desert views as you sit down for a meal.The sofa is filled with storage space, and also extends easily to become another bed. The home is capable of comfortably sleeping 3 adults, or a family with several young children./Living Big In A Tiny House

VIA Living Big In A Tiny House
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