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Tiny House With 4 Levels and Greenhouse Roof

The Wooly Resistance (cool name!) was built for an herbalist that lives in the mountains of North Carolina by Carpenter Owl band out of Indiana. This tiny house has so many unique features, I could easily write a small book about it.

image/text credit: Tiny House Listings

For example, the house a high door that’s accessed by a 6′ deck that’s outside the home to prevent using precious interior space on stairs.I’ve never seen that.Also, the clear roof on the back side of the home allows for tons of natural to flow through the space and help grow the herbs that will be grown inside. Love it!

The bed loft is called “the bed pod” and is made with clear polycarbonate down the sides and over the top.The entry door is on the third loft to minimize the number of stairs needed inside the home to access the 4 levels.There is a secret door in the kitchen that allows one to easily load in groceries and firewood.


The living room has a round stained glass window made of Kokomo glass.The shower was made out of galvanized steel roofing that sheds into a 32″ x 32″ fiberglass basin. The pipes are all soldered copper with simple valves.The exterior of the structure is sided in Eastern Juniper (Eastern Cedar) and is trimmed out in Western Cedar.