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Tiny House With Amazing Rooftop Balcony

Situated amongst the vast beauty of the Mojave Desert, the Peacock tiny house looks right at home. Built by Rob Millar, the house is filled with unique design features including an impressive roof-top balcony! The balcony area can be accessed via the wooden staircase at the back of the trailer.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House 

From the rooftop, one can see the magnificent views of the desert landscape expanding 360-degrees.Interior of the tiny house is spruced up in the elegant south-western flare, featuring handcrafted items from Mexico.

The Mexican touch can also be seen in the kitchen, boasting colored ceramics brought from Mexico.Other practical features in the fully-equipped kitchen are clean induction hob, wooden storage cabinets and windows offering outside views.


The large windows throughout the tiny house are there to bring in natural daylight while offering stunning desert views to the inhabitants. The living room includes a multipurpose sofa with storage space, and it even turns into an extra bed. The home can accommodate three people or a family with kids without much problem.