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Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!

Video tour of an incredible off-grid treehouse with a hanging bridge connecting to a magical treetop deck. It was built by Dior and Sylvain from Les Toits du Monde which in English means Roofs of the World.

It is a wooded eco-resort with trails running through the forest and all kinds of neat cabins and green buildings to stay in. They also have a hobbit house, yurts, and a tipi; and they are located in Nominingue, Quebec — a small town that’s less than 3 hours from Montreal and Ottawa.

image credit: lestoitsdumonde

The treehouse has solar power for the lights, a propane cooktop in the kitchen, a portable solar shower and composting 5-gallon bucket toilet with sawdust in the bathroom, a woodstove for heat, and they deliver jugs of drinking water to each cabin that are filled from their well at the main house.


In addition to being sustainable and off-grid, the interior design of the tiny house is quite stunning but simple and minimalist at the same time.

They’ve used wood for a sink, countertops, a table, and more. It all adds to the feeling that your house is a part of the woods. It’s minimalist living at it’s best.The treetop home is a vacation rental that sleeps 4 in a loft, and an extra two on the futon below.