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Tire Tractionizing Explained – Make Race Track Tires!

This method is designed to help you get a little bit more traction if racing on snow and ice is your forte.These tires can be done with a tractionizer which is basically two wheels placed on a firm steel frame.

image credit: TeamONeilRally

Tractionizing tires will give you much better grip on ice surfaces, and can be done very easily.This tool turns any tire tread into a super gripping surface with up to three times the traction on ice or dirt as a non-tractionized tire.

Thousands of tiny “cutting knives” on each roller slice the tire tread into a “fuzzy carpet” like texture.The result is more surface area therefore more traction, more sipes therefore less water between tread and road surface.


When you lower your car on the tractionizer you can see all of those little metal spikes bite into the tread. Then you simply drive your car,  you don`t want to go crazy but keep the speed under 20kmh. You do this about 2 minutes and you got yourself tractionized tires.