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Titanium Forgings 3000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press

Titanium forgings are highly required in different fields like the chemical, petrochemical, automotive and aeronautical industry. The fused product (ingot) doesn’t have optimal mechanical features when purchased. For this reason, through the forging process, it is hot worked and transformed in other forms.

image/text credit: TNTI – talent titanium

We carry many compressed, large Titanium forgings, including forged bar, shafts, rings, discs, sleeves, and block. Titanium forgings offer a level of durability that cannot be achieved through casting or machining.

The incredible strength of Titanium combined with the continuous internal grain uniformity caused by forging, results in a virtually indestructible piece.


In this way is it possible to obtain shafts, plates, rings, valves, flanges, etc.: under this form titanium has better mechanical features which can be find in the ASTM/ASME 381 international standards.