Home Technology Tow-Pac Motorcycle E-Trike Kit For A Smooth & Stable Ride!

Tow-Pac Motorcycle E-Trike Kit For A Smooth & Stable Ride!


Tow-Pac Motorcycle Trike Kits offer all of the advantages and stability of a conventional trike while completely conserving your motorcycle and providing a smooth, stable ride.

source/image(PrtSc): Tow-Pac

Tow-Pac’s E-Trike is an affordable option for those who want the stability of a trike without sacrificing their ability to go on two wheels! Without compromising safety or stability, the E-Trike is a great trike option.

The Insta Trike fenders have a mounting location that will handle a variety of light configurations. The kit comes with reflective tape but we highly recommend lights for more visibility.


The Tow-Pac E-Trike Kit Can be installed or removed in just a few minutes.No modification to stock motorcycle or drive train.Completely removable for easier resale of motorcycle. Flat stable cornering.Trike stability with a smooth stable ride.Available with 12 or 14 inch aluminum wheels.