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Toyan V8 Nitro Engine FS-V800 RC Engine Model


Today we will assemble and launch the smallest V8 gasoline engine in the world. Let’s assemble it already and listen to how it sounds. The engine on this model is the Toyan V8 nitro engine FS-V800 RC engine model.There are two versions of this engine – petrol and nitro. During assembly, I had some problems with the gasoline version, so I advise you to buy the nitro fuel version (I think you should know this).


Over at Toyan Engine they have turned a lot of heads with their upcoming FS-V800 V-8 Nitro Engine. This beast was designed for 1/7th scale or larger applications, or can be used for custom builds like truck pullers or monster trucks. The engine is built in a mechanical water cooling pump whose power derives from the crankshaft, which provides circulation power for the coolant and is able to combine the cooling fan for strengthened self-cooling performance.

Crafted from ultra-precise components, the engine model gives strong mechanical sense, enables smooth assembly experience and provide users with fun, helping to build their own V8 engines.


Designed with 90 degree cruciform crankshaft structure, three-section support, bearing at both ends and middle bearing bush, the engine allows more smooth operation and more sensitive acceleration response with up to 12500rpm. Integrated Exhaust Manifold: The small all-metal integrated exhaust manifold shaped by difficult processing technology makes V8 engine sound more powerful.