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Toyota Setsuna Concept Car – Meet Toyota’s Time Machine

The Setsuna concept defies the notion that cars should only be seen as industrial products loaded with the latest technologies. Toyota’s unique wooden roadster was conceived to embody the affection owners grow to feel for their cars, and to show how cars continue to change and offer new value as they are taken care of with love over time.

source/image: toyota.co.jp

It is simple and yet very unique concept, which caught some attention during the spring of 2016. One of the main causes for that attention is not only the shape of a true roadster but also the materials that were used on that car. It is made of wood – Japanese cedar and birch.

source/image: toyota.co.jp

The Setsuna Measures 3,030 mm long, 1,480 mm wide and 970 mm tall concept, with a 1,700 mm long wheelbase, is named the Setsuna, which means “moment” in Japanese. The company will display the new Setsuna Concept at the Milan Design Week, which starts on April 11 for the media, and one day later for the public.

source/image: toyota.co.jp

The technology behind that car is a traditional Japanese craftsmanship which doesn’t involve any nails or screws. It is something that you would keep in your living room as a piece of furniture.


On the other hand, its creators have something else on their minds. They think of it as a symbiotic connection between the owner and the car. Because the car is made of living materials, it ages and changes over the years, just like its owner.

It even has a one hundred year meter in it, to mark the beginning and the end of one epoch. If you take a good care of it, it will look as young as it can, but if you neglect it, it will age more rapidly.