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Transformative Expandable Container House


Step into the future of housing with our revolutionary expandable container homes! From compact to spacious in minutes, these innovative dwellings redefine flexibility and sustainability. Whether you’re seeking a cozy urban retreat or aiding in disaster relief efforts, our homes adapt to your needs.

source.image: VHCON Prefab House

Join us on a journey through design, functionality, and eco-conscious living. Ready to unfold a new chapter in your life? Subscribe for exclusive content and inspiration! The house saves storage and transportation space, can be quickly deployed and assembled, is lightweight and strong, can be reused, provides a better living experience, and is overall beautiful and elegant.

Frame: C-shaped steel, galvanized steel, galvanized square tube, self-made round tube hinge with shaft 4MM, special waterproof folding piece. Wall panel: 50MM thick 12g foam board, double-sided iron sheet 0.35MM. Top: 0.4MM skin top + moisture-proof film + 50MM rolled cotton insulation layer.


Floors, windows, doors and electrical systems are customized according to customer requirements. Roof load-bearing: 0.5KN/m². Wall side pressure: 0.5KN/m². Fire protection grade: Class A fire protection. Earthquake resistance level: Level 10 earthquake resistance. Wind resistance level: Level 10 wind resistance. Service life: Design service life is 15 years.