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Transforming A Tiny Trailer Into Comfortable Stylish Living Space


Dive into the mobile, artistic lifestyle of Julia, as she takes us on a tour of her beloved trailer, Scoy, which she affectionately calls her “tiny home on wheels.” Discover how she combines functionality with her passion for art and design, creating a space that is not only a home but a moving expression of her artistic vision.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Julia’s kitchen is meticulously organized, reflecting her priority to create a space that feels like home. Each cabinet door in the kitchen showcases a different theme, inspired by the rustic, nature-infused decor of the summer camp she attended as a child. This area isn’t just for cooking; it’s a central part of her creative expression, featuring custom wood burning carvings and a layout that maximizes every inch for storage.

As a solo traveler, Julia has optimized her trailer to meet all her needs. Her living room, once a dinette, has been transformed into a cozy lounge area that doubles as a guest space and creative studio. Here, Julia hosts friends and relaxes in a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with additional storage solutions cleverly integrated into every part of the furniture. Julia’s trailer is equipped with all the essentials for long-term travel, including a two-burner stove, a spacious two-way fridge that runs on propane and shore power, and a substantial bathroom that ensures comfort and privacy.


Her commitment to this lifestyle is supported by a robust system for power and water, including solar panels and a Jackery for remote work and connectivity. The heart of her mobile home is the bedroom, featuring the full-size mattress from her previous apartment, ensuring every night’s sleep is as comfortable as the last. Beneath her bed lies extensive storage space, including her water tank, making it easy to manage supplies for extended periods on the road.