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Tris High-Performance Three Wheeled Tilting Electric Bike

TRIS BIKE is a high-performance tilting three-wheeled electric bike developed to make commuting your daily enjoyment. Its innovative 3-wheels design is able to combine high maneuverability and fast cornering with comfort and total riding control.

source/image: TRIS BIKE

The result of this combination is pure driving pleasure. TRIS gives the chance to live your usual trip in a new way, with a new feeling of freedom.

We have combined Italian design, high quality components, smart functions, cutting-edge electric power train technology and patented innovation to obtain matchless riding performance and comfort in the traffic jam.


TRIS is a smart and practical tilting trike, the ideal choice for people with a quick-paced lifestyle. With a battery capacity of 160 Wh and a weight of just 3 kg our all in one hub has the highest energy/weight ratio on the market.TRIS BIKE