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Truck Full of Eels Overturns in Oregon, Sliming Sedan

A truck full of “slime eels” lost its load Thursday on U.S. 101, causing a five-car crash, dousing sedans with goo and sending sea creatures slithering across vehicles and the highway.Technically, the fish were not eels, but hagfish, which have a skull but no jaw or spine and they secrete slime when distressed, earning them the nickname “slime eels.”

image credit: Oregon State Police

And distressed they were, emitting gooey stuff that will make you shiver in your sandals — and that covered 101 along with the 7,500 pounds of fish.

image credit: Oregon State Police

The Oregon State Police tweeted photos of extensively damaged, slimy sedans. It was a decidedly disgusting scene best avoided by travelers.


The container that flew across the highway caused a chain reaction crash, pushing four southbound vehicles into each other. One person suffered minor injuries.”It was a mess, approximately 150-200 yards of roadway blocked with fish and cars,” said the Oregon State Police.

Police said when slime eels, also known as hagfish, become stressed, they secrete a slime which covered the road and cars involved.It was just a mess of fish coming down the highway, there were a lot of people…it was quite a chaotic event when we first arrived.