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Truck Tankers Liquid Cargo Sloshing Effects 3D Animation


The movement of heavy liquid cargo inside an oil tanker truck can create problems as it moves fore and aft and laterally during turns and while going up- or downhill. Thit is a good video to understand and to see the difference of fuel tanks.The oil in a tanker truck is a heavy load and when it starts to move it can create control problems.

source/image(PrtSc): SCANSCOT

Tanker Baffles create containment and sloshing reduction solutions for shifting weights.Anti-slosh devices such as baffles are widely used in order to limit the adverse liquid slosh effect on directional performance and stability of the tank vehicles.Since most of the time. Watch the video from SCANSCOT:

Tankers are carrying dangerous liquid contents such as ammonia, gasoline and fuel oils, stability of partially-filled liquid cargo vehicles is very important. There are three basic tanker designs — bulkheads, baffles, and smoothbores — which affect how liquid cargo moves while trucks are in motion.


Optimizations and sloshing reduction techniques in fuel tanks such as elliptical tank, rectangular, modified oval and generic tank shape have been performed in different filling levels using numerical,analytical and analogical analyses. Most of these studies concentrate on effects of baffles on sloshing while the influence of cross-section is completely ignored.