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Turbojet Technology Soilmec TJ Drilling Rig Machine


TJ – TURBOJET is the combination of mechanical mixing and jet grouting, and it is an important development of the Soil Mixing Technology that allow the construction of such consolidated structures in a fast and cost effective way respecting also the high quality standards.

source/image(PrtSc): Soilmec

This technology was setup on the SR-90 drilling rig used in the New Orleans job site project levee LPV 111, the video describes all the job site stages from the rig set up and ancillaries connection up to (following to) the execution phases.

The SR-90 TJ is equipped with a special tool complete with blades and jetting nozzles that allows, during the drilling phase, to mix the ground with the blades and simultaneously treat it with high-pressure grout feeded by the 7T600J Soilmec high pressure pump.


With Turbojet technology is possible to construct a column of consolidated soil in a faster and cheaper way, maintain an elevated mechanical strength and treatment shape diameter.//Soilmec