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Turbulent Fish-Friendly Vortex Turbine Working Principle 3D Animation


In this video you can see the full installation process of our new vortex turbines. They are easy to install even by unskilled workers. As soon as you pop in the CORE component with the turbine and generator, the turbine can be filled with water and will generate energy 24/7 from rivers and canals with low height differences.

source/image(PrtSc): Turbulent Hydro

No maintenance, dirt, sand, mud, leaves, small debris, everything passes through. Fish can also pass this turbine downstream without being harmed. Our turbines are designed with pressure variations 10X lower than the limit of fishfriendly design. In the future we’re planning to make these turbines ALSO passable in the upstream direction.

You can generate electricity using an individual turbine or a network of multiple turbines for higher energy demands, all designed for durability and low maintenance.ex. The system integrates an intake, turbine, generation device and tailrace.


Each vortex turbine delivers 3-100kW, and can operate efficiently with a low height difference. Turbulent generates electricity with a single turbine or multiple turbines, allowing the device to generate as much electricity as if it was on a dam.

As they work together with nature, our turbines do not obstruct the normal water flow, eliminating flood risks altogether.The vortex turbine is the smallest in its kind for each given energy level. It is preassembled and easily transported to your site.The turbine is fitted with monitoring software, enabling control from anywhere anytime.via: turbulent

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