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Turning Archery Arrows In Mid Air!

Arrows fly directions can be changed in the air.It is one of the funniest things to do in archery.It’s actually quite easy, all experienced archers should easily be able to learn this.

image/text credit: larsandersen23

It can be done with ordinary arrows, but it is far easier to learn with an arrow where there is air resistance at the tip of the arrow.Best with a set of extra feathers in front of the arrowBut arrows with big hunting tips also work (but it is harder).

You place the arrow on strings, not in the middle, but at least one hand width from the center.One has to experiment finding the right distance from the center of the string.


When the arrow is shot, then the “wrong” centering causes pushing the back of the arrow to the one side, and then the air resistance causes the arrow to rotate back, this makes the arrow turn.