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Turning Dead Animals Into A Dream Job – “Taxidermy”

Taxidermy isn’t just for mounting hunting trophies on the wall. It can also help us learn about animals we may never see in the wild, and inspire us to preserve them.

image/text credit: Seeker Stories

That’s what Alicia Goode hopes to do every day at the Oakland Museum of California. Alicia’s taxidermy training started early as a child, making shoebox dioramas for her friends and cleaning animal skulls from her dad’s hunting trips.

As a teenager, she volunteered at a natural history shop. Her lifelong love of art and nature eventually turned into a full-fledged career.


Alicia works full time at OMCA making and restoring awe-inspiring dioramas featuring grizzly bears, mountain lions, Tule elk and other fauna. She also runs her own taxidermy business.