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Two Giant RC Challenger 1:6 Scale Model Battle Tanks


This Challenger Tank started life as a model made in Russia by Alex Shlakhter and was imported by Mark Spencer of Mark-1-1-Tank in the UK (he imports and builds the models ready for sale here). Lyndon, of UK Tank Club, brought it new and then rebuilt it a few years later with the up armoured version in Desert colour and is based on a real Chally “Crusader”.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

The model had a compete metal chassis custom made, along with various metal boxes from the electrics, and custom speaker set up. Trev took it off Lydons hands in August 2016, and had a £1000 custom tracks fitted as the original tracks suffered broken links regularly, a common problem on the 1/6 Challenger. Two Giant RC Challenger 1:6 Scale Model Battle Tanks at BOVINGTON TANK MUSEUM.//Essential RC

It now has steel track ends and center links with steel track pins and nuts to hold them all together, this has solved the running issues. Trev also had a custom sound system made from Benedini and Stian, so a mix from both in one sound card, so it now sounds more like the real thing.


The model runs from 24V electric power with two 350W chain driven motors, 4QD speed controllers, and Futaba 2.4ghz radio. In early 2017 most of the paintwork was redone with a slightly darker shade of yellow and heavily weathered look. It now weighs a lot more than a standard Challenger due to the chassis and track mods. Tracks also have idler adjusters as the original never had them.via/read more: Essential RC

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